Patient Testimonials

Ron Kukal

Ron Kukal Testimonial
I was approximately 40 foot from a torpedo when it struck a ship I was on, almost fifty two years ago.  I survived, but with devastating aftermath.  I was also the man in charge of body recovery in the after math, and what this did to my body mentally, and physically is almost beyond description.  Suffice it to say that back in those days, there were no CT Scans, no MRI’s and such, to diagnose what was wrong with me.  I only had one low back surgery, and that one was to repair a disk that was bulging out of my lower spine.  I lived in constant pain from the tremendous pressure change that happened to my body, when the torpedo struck.   Cleaning up the aftermath of all this, added more stress and injury to my back.  Over fifty one years of fighting back, with medication, therapy of all kinds, chiropractors, you name it.   I never got the Physical Therapy I needed until I came to CORE for help.  Within a month, I was feeling better, much better, and all this even though I am close to eighty years old.  It is almost beyond belief.  What they gave me was instruction on stretching, laser therapy, moist heat, and from Nicole a lot of positive input.  Just today that same input from Molly.  So, indeed I have received the help I needed, and am looking at life in a completely different way, then I have in the past.  On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, they would deserve the 10.  Most people at my age, are looking at the down side of things, and I for one certainly don’t feel that way at all.

Coy Steel

When I tore my ACL in my junior football season, I wasn’t sure what sports would be like afterwords. But I started rehab right after surgery and Kara and everyone else at Core never let me look back. Kara made sure I was always progressing with exercises designed to get me back playing sports again, and if she had to be gone then Katie or Molly stepped in and did the same thing. After 6 months of hardwork on both ends, I was cleared to play baseball again and our team finished second at state, after baseball it was back to football. Getting back into football wasn’t the struggle it could have been because Core PT had prepared me both mentally and physically. Because of great teammates and coaches, the Sheridan Broncs finished this past season 11-1 and state champs for the second year in a row, and I was honored with the football Gatorade POY. Thanks to Kara, Katie, Molly and Sarah; it wouldn’t have been possible without them.

Travis Lanka

pilates based rehabI came to Core Physical Therapy experiencing mid-back pain. I had been seeing a chiropractor to improve the skeletal alignment for a few months but was still having pain in my muscles. After several nights of muscle spasms and pain interrupt my sleep I decided to ask Core Physical Therapy for help. The physical therapists at Core used a full-body approach to address my back pain. We began my treatment with an individual assessment of my pain and symptoms, followed by stretching with heat and ice therapy. This progressed into strength and stability work with a pilates reformer. This full-body exercise allowed me to increase my body’s core strength while improving the articulation in my back. Through this method I was able to experience restful sleep without being interrupted by muscle spasms and pain. I would suggest Core Physical Therapy to anyone experiencing back pain. I truly feel my well-being was everyone at Core Physical Therapy’s primary concern.

Ellen Treide

After tearing my ACL while skiing in 2015, I went to Core Physical Therapy for my rehabilitation. Kara and Katie worked on building muscles to protect my knees and make me stronger, so I could fully enjoy all of the activities I love. Part of my physical therapy involved the pilates reformer machine, so when Core opened the pilates reformer studio after I was done with physical therapy, I was thrilled! Through physical therapy, I learned the importance of staying strong and flexible and feel strongly the pilates reformer classes do just that. I am back to running, skiing, playing golf, and water skiing and believe pilates reformer will help me to stay active for many years to come.

Colton Bates

Colton BatesI’ve been to a few different physical therapy locations, but none have been better than Core. Everyone at Core has done everything they can to welcome me with open arms and help me reach my physical goals. Katie has been nothing but helpful and passionate during my recovery, and I would recommend her, as well as any of the other physical therapists at Core, to make sure you feel stronger and more relieved than you did coming in.

Ellie Martin

Ellie Martin

Debilitating lower back pain and very limited mobility as a result of injury were dramatically impacting the quality of my life day to day. I entered into physical therapy with minimal hope of achieving the level of pain management and resumption of typical daily activity that I now enjoy thanks to the investment and energy of Core Physical Therapy.

Beginning during my first days in therapy Katie and Molly helped me to identify damaging body mechanics, modify my postural alignment, reconfigure my activities to avoid pain, and develop strength and balance to avoid future injury. I received a valuable education about body mechanics and posture, clear demonstration and explanations of therapeutic exercises and the anatomy impacted, and developed an important appreciation for good form and alignment all of which will continue to have a lasting influence on my life. The incorporation of the Pilates Reformer in my therapy inspired me towards a new level of physical activity that has proved to be both very effective for pain management and also motivates me toward greater fitness and strength goals than I thought I could pursue. I could barely walk through the door when I first started; now I rarely miss Molly’s amazing and challenging circuit classes.

Katie and Molly’s genuine care, attention, energy and enthusiasm for my progress were deeply impacting and incredibly effective. I never expected to achieve the degree of recovery and mobility I enjoy today. I hope it can help others to know that my experience is not a unique one but a reflection of the energy and spirit of caring that is integral to Core Physical Therapy, their fine staff and excellent therapists.

Talia Steel

Talia Steel

I worked with Core for a very long time after having three ACL repairs along with other small ligament tears in the knee. It was a very long and difficult road but the support that I got at Core helped me recover and get back on the volleyball court. I am now confident in my knees and am able to give everything I have to contribute to the team. The physical therapists at Core pushed me hard to reach my full potential and get the best results. At Core I learned the value of constant hard work and how even on a off day there can always be more done to get better.

Samantha Eliason

At 14 my activity level is very high so unfortunately it resulted in a lower back injury. I had severe pain, so I decided to go to Core Physical Therapy in hope to speed up my recovery. Kara and her crew, at Core, thoroughly went through movements to help heal my back and the results were outstanding. I went from barley walking to going back to the gym in just a matter of weeks. Kara also introduced me to an treatment called dry needling, which helped my muscle mobility improve drastically! Not only did I get a one-on-one experience, but Core taught me crucial tips for future use, such as keeping my back in a healthy position when powerlifting as well as breathing techniques to improve my posture and engage my core. I absolutely recommend going to Core Physical Therapy because of the friendly atmosphere and the the hands-on assistance to provide quick results for your injury!

Roger Kelly

testimonialI have been going to CORE for four years on and off and Kara, Katie, Molly, Nikki and Roger have been great to work with. Their new facility is outstanding and is the best in town. Their support personnel is outstanding. Sara is a great receptionist, always ready to help you. I would like to thank everybody at CORE for their help and support.


In September of 2018 I traveled from Texas to Sheridan to have a total knee replacement. The surgery went as expected and a few days later I moved on to the physical therapy stage. It was at that point that I first came into contact with Core Physical Therapy, little did I realize that first day just how important and rewarding Core P T would become to me.

At Core Physical Therapy Kara and Katie have built a modern medical facility while retaining the ‘old school’ patient centered approach to medicine and you will notice the difference from the very beginning of your therapy there. This personal approach will begin with the highly competent staff calling you by name and move on to one of the Physical Therapist actually taking a legitimate medical history where the emphasis is upon your personal history and your physical goals for your therapy.  Try not to be shocked when they actually LISTEN to you!

Kara and Roger were my principal therapist and they slowly brought me along from point of much soreness and weakness in the knee immediately after surgery to a point of full function and NO PAIN in my knee. All my expectations and more were met through their skillful and patient encouragement. It does take time but you will make progress.

Moving beyond my personal physical therapy course of treatment let me make a few comments about the business of Core P. T. itself.  Katie and Kara have thoroughly stamped the office with their own personalities. You will find all of the staff to exuding Kara and Katie’s genuine friendliness, their smiles, their honest concern for your benefit, and their wiliness to place the patients’ needs ahead of their own.  This type of office is what I call the ‘old school’ way of practicing medicine. This atmosphere will stand out in your mind as it has in mine.

Thanks so much….Mike