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Sue Osborn

I first came to Core in the fall of 2018 when I started having issues with my knees. Honestly at that time I was not the ideal PT patient. I had always led an active lifestyle but had not done any true exercise program for many years. I did not like exercising with my bad […]

Carol Stewart

My PT and Pilates journey! A couple of years ago, I suffered a heart spasm, followed shortly thereafter by a flareup of tendonitis in my Achilles. I felt like my body was falling apart; I lacked energy and any kind of enthusiasm for an active lifestyle. I went to CORE for physical therapy for my […]

Roger Kelly

I have been going to CORE for four years on and off and Kara, Katie, Molly, Nikki and Roger have been great to work with. Their new facility is outstanding and is the best in town. Their support personnel is outstanding. Sara is a great receptionist, always ready to help you. I would like to […]

Samantha Eliason

At 14 my activity level is very high so unfortunately it resulted in a lower back injury. I had severe pain, so I decided to go to Core Physical Therapy in hope to speed up my recovery. Kara and her crew, at Core, thoroughly went through movements to help heal my back and the results […]

Ron Kukal

I was approximately 40 foot from a torpedo when it struck a ship I was on, almost fifty two years ago.  I survived, but with devastating aftermath.  I was also the man in charge of body recovery in the after math, and what this did to my body mentally, and physically is almost beyond description.  Suffice it to say that […]

Sarah Clouthier

Office Manager Sarah is the Office Manager at Core Physical Therapy and is the friendly face at the front desk who will assist you with your scheduling and insurance needs. Sarah was born and raised in Sheridan and feels fortunate to be able to raise her family here. In her free time she enjoys going […]

Roger Klein, PTA

Physical Therapy Assistant Why am I a PTA: As a PTA I can work as part of a team to help an individual achieve their goals, whether that goal be to recover from an injury, restore independence, or even enhance their athletic performance. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with each and every person that walks through […]


Molly Jones, PTA

Physical Therapy Assistant Why I am a Physical Therapy Assistant? Being a PTA allows me to incorporate what I love into my daily work. I am also a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I am a people person and enjoy developing relations with patients from all walks of life. The health and fitness […]

Brandon Forister, DPT

Physical Therapist Why am I a Therapist? I found my passion for physical therapy after experiencing several sports-related injuries in high school and college. I was treated by amazing physical therapists that not only helped me recover from those injuries but made me a stronger and better person along the way. As a physical therapist, […]


Nicole Stutte, MSPT

Physical Therapist Why I am a Therapist? As a physical therapist I can make a positive difference in peoples’ lives helping them to overcome physical obstacles and achieve their goals. I love the relationships I am able to build with my patients as their therapist working with them to improve their quality of life, helping […]