Sue Osborn Surgical Rehab Testimonial

Sue Osborn

I first came to Core in the fall of 2018 when I started having issues with my knees. Honestly at that time I was not the ideal PT patient. I had always led an active lifestyle but had not done any true exercise program for many years. I…

Ethan Araas

In the winter of 2019 I broke my leg while skiing. After 3 moths I started PT. When I started I could barely walk without crutches. Roger, Kara and the rest of the Core Team has helped me at least two times every week for the past 6 months…
Testimonial Mike


In September of 2018 I traveled from Texas to Sheridan to have a total knee replacement. The surgery went as expected and a few days later I moved on to the physical therapy stage. It was at that point that I first came into contact with…