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Body awareness, core strength, full body toning and lengthening set Pilates apart from many other methods of exercise. Focusing on each exercise fully, with precision, results in mind/body awareness and amazing results in your body’s physique!

pilates Sheridan wy


The reformer is designed to balance and stabilize the body while working from the core. You will develop core strength, muscle control and endurance without strain on the joints.

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Hundreds of exercises can be performed on the reformer. Exercises that promote length, strength and flexibility. Come gain mindful movement knowledge, minimize pain and optimize functional movement.

At Core, you will always work with a highly qualified instructor and enjoy a well-balanced, mind/body workout using versatile Pilates equipment. Our Pilates reformer classes allow only 4 clients per class, with a commitment to quality and a high level of individual attention.

The fusion of Core Physical Therapy and Pilates allows our clients to seamlessly transition between physical therapy, wellness, and fitness training in a safe, supportive environment.  


Carol Stewart Pilates Based Rehab Testimonial

Carol Stewart

My PT and Pilates journey! A couple of years ago, I suffered a heart spasm, followed shortly thereafter by a flareup of tendonitis in my Achilles. I felt like my body was falling apart; I lacked energy and any kind of enthusiasm for…
Testimonial Travis

Travis Lanka

I came to Core Physical Therapy experiencing mid-back pain. I had been seeing a chiropractor to improve the skeletal alignment for a few months but was still having pain in my muscles. After several nights of muscle spasms and pain interrupt…
Testimonial Ellen

Ellen Treide

After tearing my ACL while skiing in 2015, I went to Core Physical Therapy for my rehabilitation. Kara and Katie worked on building muscles to protect my knees and make me stronger, so I could fully enjoy all of the activities I love. Part…
Testimonial Ellie Martin

Ellie Martin

Debilitating lower back pain and very limited mobility as a result of injury were dramatically impacting the quality of my life day to day.