Testimonial Ellie Martin

Debilitating lower back pain and very limited mobility as a result of injury were dramatically impacting the quality of my life day to day. I entered into physical therapy with minimal hope of achieving the level of pain management and resumption of typical daily activity that I now enjoy thanks to the investment and energy of Core Physical Therapy.

Beginning during my first days in therapy Katie and Molly helped me to identify damaging body mechanics, modify my postural alignment, reconfigure my activities to avoid pain, and develop strength and balance to avoid future injury. I received a valuable education about body mechanics and posture, clear demonstration and explanations of therapeutic exercises and the anatomy impacted, and developed an important appreciation for good form and alignment all of which will continue to have a lasting influence on my life. The incorporation of the Pilates Reformer in my therapy inspired me towards a new level of physical activity that has proved to be both very effective for pain management and also motivates me toward greater fitness and strength goals than I thought I could pursue. I could barely walk through the door when I first started; now I rarely miss Molly’s amazing and challenging circuit classes.

Katie and Molly’s genuine care, attention, energy and enthusiasm for my progress were deeply impacting and incredibly effective. I never expected to achieve the degree of recovery and mobility I enjoy today. I hope it can help others to know that my experience is not a unique one but a reflection of the energy and spirit of caring that is integral to Core Physical Therapy, their fine staff and excellent therapists.