Testimonial Mike

In September of 2018 I traveled from Texas to Sheridan to have a total knee replacement. The surgery went as expected and a few days later I moved on to the physical therapy stage. It was at that point that I first came into contact with Core Physical Therapy, little did I realize that first day just how important and rewarding Core P T would become to me.

At Core Physical Therapy Kara and Katie have built a modern medical facility while retaining the ‘old school’ patient centered approach to medicine and you will notice the difference from the very beginning of your therapy there. This personal approach will begin with the highly competent staff calling you by name and move on to one of the Physical Therapist actually taking a legitimate medical history where the emphasis is upon your personal history and your physical goals for your therapy.  Try not to be shocked when they actually LISTEN to you!

Kara and Roger were my principal therapist and they slowly brought me along from point of much soreness and weakness in the knee immediately after surgery to a point of full function and NO PAIN in my knee. All my expectations and more were met through their skillful and patient encouragement. It does take time but you will make progress.

Moving beyond my personal physical therapy course of treatment let me make a few comments about the business of Core P. T. itself.  Katie and Kara have thoroughly stamped the office with their own personalities. You will find all of the staff to exuding Kara and Katie’s genuine friendliness, their smiles, their honest concern for your benefit, and their wiliness to place the patients’ needs ahead of their own.  This type of office is what I call the ‘old school’ way of practicing medicine. This atmosphere will stand out in your mind as it has in mine.

Thanks so much….Mike