I am passionate about inspiring you to move with a more complete understanding of your physical alignment. Employing Contrology, the work of Joseph Pilates, we will create a deeper connection in the body that enhances functional movement leading toward injury prevention & improved athletic skill.

My journey to become a pilates instructor began in 2005. Upon completion of the 505 hour Comprehensive program thru Peak Pilates, I began to spread my roots wider. Attending several Classical Pilates Conferences and other workshops under first and second generation teachers such as; Cara Reeser, Wendy Arbuckle, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Jay Grimes, Kathi Ross-Nash, Mari Windsor, Brook Siler, Chris Robinson and many more. Chris’ language around the Classical Method and directly relating it to sport resonated with me. I spent 6 years (258 hours) directing studying with Chris Robinson (2nd generation teacher), soaking up the knowledge passed down to him from Romana Kryzanowska and Jay Grimes. Converting that work directly into how it relates to our everyday movement functions from the extreme athlete to recovering from injury.

After 16 years of owning studios in Gallatin Valley, Montana; a new opportunity presented itself. We arrived in Sheridan in April and greatly look forward to our new projects at hand and becoming a deeper part of the Sheridan Community. I am super excited for this opportunity to teach at Core Pilates and to meet and work with each of you!