At Core PT we love treating athletes and make sure they are ready to return to their chosen sport when the time is right. We treat the individual person and empower them to regain their confidence not only physically but mentally so that when they are ready to return to their chosen activity or sport they are READY!  

Diagnoses we commonly see are:

  • knee pain (patella femoral pain syndrome)
  • hip bursitis
  • rotator cuff tendonitis
  • tennis elbow
  • achilles tendonitis
  • plantar fasciitis
  • IT band syndrome
  • …low back pain just to name a few.



Ethan Araas

In the winter of 2019 I broke my leg while skiing. After 3 moths I started PT. When I started I could barely walk without crutches. Roger, Kara and the rest of the Core Team has helped me at least two times every week for the past 6 months…

Coy Steel

When I tore my ACL in my junior football season, I wasn’t sure what sports would be like afterwords. But I started rehab right after surgery and Kara and everyone else at Core never let me look back. Kara made sure I was always progressing…

Talia Steel

I worked with Core for a very long time after having three ACL repairs along with other small ligament tears in the knee. It was a very long and difficult road but the support that I got at Core helped me recover and get back on the volleyball…
Testimonial Ellen

Ellen Treide

After tearing my ACL while skiing in 2015, I went to Core Physical Therapy for my rehabilitation. Kara and Katie worked on building muscles to protect my knees and make me stronger, so I could fully enjoy all of the activities I love. Part…
Testimonial Colton

Colton Bates

I’ve been to a few different physical therapy locations, but none have been better than Core. Everyone at Core has done everything they can to welcome me with open arms and help me reach my physical goals. Katie has been nothing but helpful…

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