Testimonial Travis

I came to Core Physical Therapy experiencing mid-back pain. I had been seeing a chiropractor to improve the skeletal alignment for a few months but was still having pain in my muscles. After several nights of muscle spasms and pain interrupt my sleep I decided to ask Core Physical Therapy for help. The physical therapists at Core used a full-body approach to address my back pain. We began my treatment with an individual assessment of my pain and symptoms, followed by stretching with heat and ice therapy. This progressed into strength and stability work with a pilates reformer. This full-body exercise allowed me to increase my body’s core strength while improving the articulation in my back. Through this method I was able to experience restful sleep without being interrupted by muscle spasms and pain. I would suggest Core Physical Therapy to anyone experiencing back pain. I truly feel my well-being was everyone at Core Physical Therapy’s primary concern.